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What's the differences between RO purifier and common purifier?
Common purifier is composed of activated carbon and resin to mainly remove large particles of sediment and odor.
What's the differences between RO purifier and common purifier?
Common purifier is composed of activated carbon and resin to mainly remove large particles of sediment and odor. When residue become more and more, the purifier will become the hotbed of bacteria and coliform bacilli. But being a kind of high-tech product, RO membrane 
can completely remove large molecule as well heavy metal particles from the water to ensure the delivery of only 100% pure water. 
Drinking pure water is helpful for our bodies.
Pure water is a kind of activated water. It contains sufficient oxygen and small amounts of minerals and has functions of cells activation,
metabolism improvement, immunity and resistance enhancement.
Can we get get accustomed to boiling water if drinking pure water usually?
The pure water can not only help strengthen live function, eliminate endotoxin, but also increase body immunity and keep away from 
diseases. Thus, people who drink pure water frequently can easily get used to the boiling water.
The normal faults and remedy
1)Unsufficient pure water flow
  Probable cause: Filter choked or low water inflow rate.
  Possible remedy: Replace the filter.
2)Pure water tastes bad or has odor
A.Probable cause: The purification capacity of RO membrane reduced or failed.
  Possible remedy: Replace RO membrane.
B.Probable cause: Post-carbon failed.
  Possible remedy: Replace post-carbon filter.
3)Switch on/off repeatly after storage tank is full
A.Probable cause: Low raw water pressure. 
  Possible remedy: Increase water inlet pressure.
B.Probable cause:Floating ball switch is malfunction.
  Possible remedy: Replace the floating ball switch.
4)Leak at quick connector seam
A.Probable cause: The pipe stopper is loose. 
  Possible remedy:Fasten the pipe stopper. 
B.Probable cause: The screw nut is loose.
  Possible remedy: Tighten the nut.
The special fault and remedy
5.The special fault and remedy
1)Abnormal noise occurred during operation 
 Probable cause: Defective booster pump.
 Possible remedy: Replace the booster pump.
2)Auto-flushing for an infinite time
 Probable cause: Follow restrictor tube failed.
 Possible remedy: Replace the water waste ratio.
3)No water though the purifier works continuously
 Probable cause: Filter or solenoid valve get clogged.
 Possible remedy: Check the quick connectors or replace the damaged fittings.
4)Booster pump can not work, no water flow
A.Probable cause: No electricity, LPS is malfunction. 
  Possible remedy: Replace low pressure switch.
B.Probable cause: Booster pump or transformer shorted out.
  Possible remedy: Replace the booster pump or the transformer.
C.Probable cause: Circuit connection error.
  Possible remedy:Check and re-connect the current circuit.
5)The booster pump works but no water flow
A.Probable cause: The water inlet solenoid valve is malfunction.
  Possible remedy: Replace the water inlet solenoid valve.
B.Probable cause: The Pre-filter or RO Membrane get clogged.
  Possible remedy: Replace the Pre-filter or RO Membrane.
C.Probable cause: The auto-flushing solenoid valve is malfunction
  Possible remedy: Replace the auto-flushing solenoid valve.
6)The machine stops working
A.Probable cause: The plug is loose.
  Possible remedy: Plug the plug.
B.Probable cause: LPS plug is loose or malfunction.
  Possible remedy: Replace the LPS.
C.Probable cause: Cord of terminal block fell off.
  Possible remedy: Re-Connect.
  If abnormalities as mentioned below are found during use, please do not use the appliance and contact the authorized dealer immediately. 
  All maintenance/repair works must be carried out by a suitably qualified person.