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Product Size: 370*240*75mm
Control Method:  Touch control,LCD display
Preferred Installation: Wall Mounting
Fixed Direction: Vertical
Outlet System: Single Point System(Open Outlet)
IP No.: IPX4
Technical Specs:
Wire Gauge: 2.5mm2
Rated Voltage: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 3600W -8000W
Water Pressure Range: 0.03Mpa - 0.6Mpa
Water Pump: Optional
1.ABS insulated cover
Use high-precision ABS plastic cover for fire-obstruct, water proof, anti-fire and high temperature resistance. 
2.Triacs control
High accuracy and stability to ensure constant effluent temperature of water.
3. Water proof body
Unique water proof and heat emission cover design
4.Anti-dry function
Judge water signals through reed switch, open or close the heating system to extend life span efficiency.
5.Terminal block with overload current and thermostability protection function 
Perfect insolation capacity and high safety performance
6.Dual over temperature protection
When the hot water temperature is over 55ºC, the first over temperature protection device will act immediately, and the water heater stops heating. When it failed, the secondary protection device will work and natural shut-off when water temperature reach to 85º.
7.Anti-scald function
The setting temperature range of the machine is between 35ºC and 55ºC, effectively preventing the human body from being scaled because of too high temperature. 
8.Electrical leak-proof function
Internal ELCB PCB board, safe and reliable.
9.Automatic Memory Function